Thanksgiving Day Eve

Whew, Lordy ya’ll, I’m tired. I’m physically tired and I’m tired of posting something to be grateful every day in November. There, I said it. I spoke my truth. I started this blog post several times already this evening only to end up erasing it.

But this is it, I’m tired. I will be glad when November is over with and I won’t feel the need and obsession to come on here and write something every day. Especially trying to find something every day for which I am grateful. It’s getting tough. Does this make me a bad selfish person? Probably. But whatever. I’ll be glad when I can go back to writing about things that matter to me and I can put some meaning into. Lately, with these gratitude posts, it feels like I’ve been lazy and posting very short blog posts. It’s mainly do to me being so tired and not being willing to stick it out and try to come up with something meaningful because I am so tired in the evenings anymore.

gratitude/happiness jar

I’m grateful I slept in a little this morning, I was sore all over from Monday and Tuesdays workout. I’ll go tomorrow, yes on Thanksgiving, to the special Boot Camp session though. I am grateful the company I work for let us go an hour and a half early today. I am grateful we have food that I will start preparing tonight for tomorrow’s festivities. I am grateful for The Gent and The Kids. I am grateful that we can all be together. I am grateful for a roof over our heads and a bed to sleep in. I am grateful for our good health. I am grateful for coffee. I am grateful for technology. I am grateful for a few of my coworkers. I am grateful to be employed. I am grateful for television and books. I am grateful for electricity. I am grateful for indoor plumbing. I am grateful for being sore because it means I’m working on something better. It means that there is something else underneath all this fat fighting to get out. I am even grateful for being tired I suppose because I guess it means I’ve been productive or something? Maybe.

I’ve disappointed myself too, though. I’ve failed NaNoWriMo completely, again this year. Oh well. I knew I would never finish it. I don’t know why I even bothered. Now, of course, I’m wanting to go back and write my creative nonfiction piece and give up on fiction all together. This too shall pass. Or I’ll do both. I’ve been reading like crazy. I will finish reading 24-books this year, a goal I set back in January. So there’s that. I realize that this particular paragraph doesn’t fit in anywhere in this blog post but I’m just typing freely here.

Okay, I’ve got to go make pie and fresh cranberry sauce and dressing for tomorrow.

Thanks for reading…


  • Charles Kinnaird

    I was at writing workshop at the end of October. One of the leaders of the workshop told us he was taking the challenge to write a novel in November. He told his friends on Facebook he would be absent during the month of November for that reason. One of them replied, “Write a novel in a month – that’s easy, but staying off Facebook for a month, that’s hard!”

    • Carol Marks

      Oh yes! I could probably do a lot of things if I’d stay off FB! I thought about it but it makes me all anxious to think about staying off FB. Why is that I wonder?

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