The Art of the Brand, Wade Kwon, Rocket City Bloggers, Workshop

The Art of the Brand Workshop by Wade Kwon

The Rocket City Bloggers asked Wade Kwon if he would do a workshop for us and he graciously accepted the task. He was thorough with his investigation and research of what the bloggers really wanted to learn more about and with his survey result – Wade Kwon chose to present The Art of the Brand Workshop.

I thought it was perfect and fitting for all of us too. Most of us, I think, are hobbyist who probably would like to take this to the next level. What better way to learn how to do this than to start with the Brand; what is it, what does it mean, how do we implement, and all that good stuff.

The Art of the Brand, Wade Kwon, Rocket City Bloggers, Workshop

I really thought I knew about brand messaging but I learned so much at this workshop. The first action step I want to take is to create a focus group. I would like to gather 8 to 10 people who know me well, read my blog, and who would like to help me with this project.

Inviting them to come together and then asking them what they think of me or what comes to mind for them when they read my blog. I need to find 3 values of my blog or about myself that others see or have come to expect. These can be one-word values.

Wade used his own experience as an example. Witty, Smart, Articulate. So when he writes anything anywhere on the internet, he wants to make sure he inserts all three of those values into what he writes. In doing so, he remains consistent with his brand values.

Because, when folks land on your blog, they don’t come in at the beginning and start reading. People come into the middle of the story every single time. So what are you conveying in each of your blog posts? Are your brand values inserted and saturated into every single blog post?

But I am getting ahead of myself of course, as I always do. First thing, I need to figure out my goal. What is my goal with my blog? I thought I knew. At first, I just wanted to have fun, have a place to call my own, a creative outlet of sorts. But is that it? Really? Is there a deeper wish? Of course. I want people to read and be inspired and take action. << That was scary to write.

Then, how do I measure my goal? Have a measurable goal in place. Define how I want to grow and how to measure that growth.

  • Do I want to simply increase newsletter subscriptions?
  • Do I want to increase page views by a percent each month?
  • Do I want to increase revenue by advertisers, sponsors?
  • Do I want other work as a result of my blog? To use this blog as a platform for other opportunities?

Have a mission/business plan. What makes my blog stand out? Could it be that I really am afraid of putting myself out there? Wade Kwon used his internet dating profile as an example of how to stand out or blend in with all the others.

Now…. now I can create a focus group – once I figure out my mission, plan, goal.

Wade Kwon is the organizer of Y’all Connect.

Thanks for reading and show me your moxie!

Birmingham native Wade Kwon works as a communications consultant.Wade Kwon
The Poynter Institute selected Wade as one of 35 Influential People in Social Media. Birmingham Magazine readers selected him as Best Tweeter 2 years running in the Best of B’ham 2010 and 2011 online polls.
His site, Magic City Post, was voted Best Website in the Birmingham’s Best 2011 readers’ poll by the Birmingham News; it also won 2011 Green Eyeshade Awards for Best Blog and Specialized Site.
In 2011, he co-founded the Alabama Social Media Association, a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating people in social media. Wade served as chair for the board of directors in 2013.
Wade has worked with companies across Alabama and across America for consulting, training, communication strategy, social media, blogging, public speaking, marketing, public relations and more.
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  • Wade Kwon

    C.A., thanks for the great writeup! If you run into difficulty setting a goal for your blog and business, keep in mind that it can be completely secret, and that you can change it at any time. This will hopefully take some of the pressure off deciding what you want out of the next 12 months. 🙂

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