The Blogger

Pink Tartan blouse from Belk on Moxie Beautiful

Hello, my name is Carol Marks – the owner and blogger of this blog –

I’d like to say I was clever enough to come up with the title of my blog but I am not. The name was the idea of a co-worker, thank you Chase.

I have lived in Alabama since 1991 and both of my children were born and raised here. All of my other family members are in Ohio, West Virginia, and Virginia. One day I’d like to get back home.

Currently, I am in the car business – I sell them. It is a profession that I was not pursueing or even considered on my own. I was brought into it by a friend and, who knew, I would end up liking it.

Lort, I’ve been  blogging when Blogspot first came on the scene, like 19-years ago? And I’ve had a multitude of blogs. Way too many. Way too many.

At any rate,  I am your Charmingly bold Generation-X and opinion blogger – one hot cuppa moxie!