The First Day

WOW. What can I say? I just dropped the kids off at school for their first day. August 8th, really? This summer went by so quickly. It didn’t seem right to drop them off this morning on August 8th. I wasn’t prepared. I mean sure, I went school shopping for clothes and supplies this weekend but I was not ready for the school year to start emotionally.

The surprise didn’t hit me until I pulled up in front of the school and The Boy got out of the car, shut the door, and walked away from the car. I wanted to say, “Wait, I’m not ready!” But I pulled away from the school anyway, stunned that the school year had started. The Boy made his choice not to return to the military school he had been attending the last two years. He is now a freshman at the public school. I’m not ready. It just seems weird. I need prayers, lots of prayers.

I remember I didn’t start school until September! August 8th just seems wrong.

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