The Gent & Tuesdays

Today I am most grateful to The Gent for taking The Manchild this morning, on The Gent’s only day off, to the DMV so The Manchild can take his driving learner’s permit test. And wow, what a fiasco it ended up being. The Gent had to make a special trip to my office to get a form notarized, then he had to make a trip back home for another piece of paperwork, then back to the DMV.

Then, The Manchild couldn’t pass the eye test because he forgot his glasses at school. The Manchild needed a new prescription anyway so The Gent sweet talked his way into fitting The Manchild into our optometrist today, without an appointment. So now, when The Manchild is home for Christmas break he’ll just need to go in and take the eye test. He passed the written test.

So a big huge Thank You goes out to The Gent for taking care of all that mess. THANK YOU!

And that is what I am most grateful for today.

Thanks for reading…

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