The Hipster Doofus

thoughtbubbleBWaYou know who I am talking about. More than likely, you know a few of them. They’ve become so mainstream now that they’ve lost their status of trying to be clever. I have to just roll my eyes at these people anymore.

The internet is a breeding ground for the hipster doofus. You know they are sitting around their little apartment for hours on end trying way too hard to think about what to put up on their status update or some asinine reply/comment on Facebook.

They probably don’t often use Twitter because they can’t get as much attention from the quicker witted social media platform who would ignore their little cries for attention or simply steam roll over them without thinking twice. No, they get more attention, applause, and admiration from their groupies on Facebook. It is the only place left for the hipster doofus to try to stand out and be clever. They have their small circle of “friends” that they can be different from and try to be so very contradictory, even if they don’t believe it.

I realize I’ve been on a tirade lately when it comes to other people but I’ve been holding it in, shaking my head, ignoring it for too long that I figured I could write about it on the blog and let it go. Plus, there must be others out there who feel this way too, right?

Not all will be negative around here. I do have a positive and hopefully inspiring piece coming up pertaining to adoption. So I’ve got that going for me, which is nice.

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