The Manchild

Today I am grateful for getting to see my son. He’s 16 years old and goes away to a military academy. I think this has been the longest stretch since he started down there in the 7th grade. It has only been about three weeks but it feels like it’s been forever!

Sure, I get to talk to him on the phone and all that but man, this stretch has been too long!

Anyway, he’s coming home this evening and he’ll be home for about a week and a half for Thanksgiving break. This makes me a happy mom!

While he is home he’s going to get his driving permit and I’ll have to get him around to all his doctor/dental appointments. It will be a busy break but a good one. I am so excited and can’t wait to hug his neck. I bet he’s close to six feet tall by now.

Last weekend they made a trip to The Citadel for a field trip. Guess where he wants to go once he graduates his military academy. Uh, momma needs a scholarship please.  😉

Sword Drill, he's front row, second from the right.

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