The New Norm

the new norm

I hate that term, the New Norm. Hate it! I also am starting to hate Herd Immunity and Virtue Signaling. Can we just stop it already?

The New Norm

Why, for the love of God, have we started this phrase? No, it is NOT the new norm. This is not normal. We may have a new of way of doing things but it is temporary. At least I hope to GOD it is temporary. So please stop insisting this is the new norm.

Yes, we are wearing masks and staying 6′ feet apart. But I don’t think wearing masks is the new norm, I don’t think we will wear them from here on out. We may keep the 6′ apart thing going for a while, I don’t mind that at all. Stay back and off of me.

But then again, there may be some new norms like people continuing to work from home. I can see that as the new norm, although people were doing that before COVID. It’s just that now MORE people are doing it and companies can now see that it is possible.

Are restaurants going to be allowed to have its full capacity back soon or will they have to change its capacity to less people in a restaurant ALL the time?

Gyms are starting to open back up now and from the gym people I follow on social media, they are telling us that their gyms are making them wear masks while they work out. For how long? I wonder will this be the new policy infinity? For the record, I don’t think I could workout with a mask on.

What do the masses mean when they speak of the “new norm” anyway? I think that is what is bugging me. No one knows so they just say, “Oh it’s the new norm.”

And can we get back to the mask-wearing for a minute? If you want to wear a mask, go ahead, I have NO PROBLEM with anyone wearing a mask. Well, maybe I do, like when it comes to identifying someone who might be getting on a plane, going into a bank, or identifying someone who decides to rob a convenience store, you know, stuff like that.

But anyway, the mask-wearing and “virtue signaling” – what in the world? Please stop it. First off, stop using that phrase. Secondly, the media has decided to make this a thing – they have decided that if you wear a mask then you care about your fellow humans and if you don’t wear a mask then you are a heathen. Furthermore, if you wear a mask you are a liberal and if you don’t wear a mask you must be a conservative. Yes, I heard a media-head express this very thing on their broadcast. Ridiculous.

Also, why do I see people wearing masks who are taking a walk? Maybe it’s for their allergies? And why, when I watch the news do I see people who are reporting on something, standing outside and away from people, no one else in sight, wearing a mask to do their broadcast?

Is that what everyone means when they talk about the new norm? Are we to wear masks from now on and forever? Am I always going to get my temperature taken before I am allowed to step foot into work, a salon, a boutique?

Now, I’ll say this, we have restaurants opening back up and you know what? I probably will NOT go for a while longer. And that’s on me, I am opting not to put myself out there in that environment. I may order something from online and go pick it up but I am not ready for the dine-in experience, not just yet. And that’s how it should be. Let people decide.

About this herd immunity. I don’t know much about it but if it is what I think it is, I believe it to be barbaric. Remember when chicken pox was the thing and parents would let their children be around other kids who had chicken pox so they could go ahead and get it and get it over with? Is that what we are talking about when it comes to herd immunity? If so, I’ll pass.

Coronavirus is not chicken pox. I do not want to get coronavirus to get it over with because I still believe that if I get coronavirus I could very well die. And if that is what herd immunity is all about, it is barbaric. To thin out the herd? No thanks.

If people want stores and restaurants and gyms and salons to open back up, go ahead but I don’t have to put myself out there. I can continue on as is. And wear a mask if I want.

But I hope to God that what we are currently experiencing is NOT the new norm. Well, except for the working at home and social distancing. That can stay.

Author: Carol Marks

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