The Sweater Vest

I’ve been hearing a lot of trash talk about sweater vests lately. I reckon it’s because of Rick Santorum’s persistent wearing of the garment. However, if you Google “history of the sweater vest” you will also find Jim Tressel’s name coming up quite often. Is the sweater vest making a resurgence?

The Gent's sweater vest

The United Kingdom lays claim to making the sweater vest a popular garment in the 1970s. It is associated with golfers, which explains a lot to me personally. Perhaps it is because it has no sleeves, making the arm movement freer, but keeping the core of the body warm while playing golf that this is why it is popular among the professionals practicing their trade.

When I stated previously that the sweater vest being associated with golfers explains a lot to me, I mean that The Gent is in the golf business and ever since I’ve known him, he’s worn a sweater vest. Now it all becomes clear to me.

But I am here to tell you, don’t let the man wearing the sweater vest fool you. While the gentle looking garment may remind you of Mr. Rogers, it is only a disguise to disarm you. It is used as a weapon of sorts to throw you off your game. The sweater vest wearing man wants you to think you are dealing with a pushover, a softy. This man possesses the whole package; kind, smart, funny, responsible, stable, confident, and satisfied. Most of all, he exudes an approachable personality, and being most inviting he will lure you into his command. He is definitely an in control take-charge sort of man.

There are other secrets to the man sporting a sweater vest of which I cannot share with you. These things I must keep to myself for fear of opening others’ curiosity and then I’ll have to start looking over my shoulder at all times. I’ll just say this; I give a nod to Mrs. Santorum in a sisterhood of a secret and special kind of knowledge. 😉

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