These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

In order to get back into the swing of blogging over here on this particular blog, I’ve opted to join in with the NaBloPoMo October blogging challenge; blog every day in October. The theme for this month is predictable – Fall.

Today, on the 1st day of October, I am to blog about my favorite thing about Fall. I have several, let me count the ways.

Fall Photo

The Weather – This is a no-brainer. I live in the south, it gets fairly warm down here in the summer months. I hate the heat. I hate the humidity. Unless I am working out, with a purpose, then I hate to sweat. Add to the fact that I am in my mid-to-late forties and fixin’ to go through the change and all that comes with that, to include hot flashes, needless to say I really loathe and hate the heat, the summertime in the South. So the first thing I love about Fall is the temperature change. The cool breeze and being able to open my windows in the house makes me happy. Bye-bye to the ridiculous 100+ degree interior of my car. After being at work all day, it will be nice to be able to drive home without burning up with sweat rolling down my back. The car sits all day long on hot pavement and the interior just bakes up like a 375 degree oven. It gets so hot that it takes my A/C nearly the whole drive home to finally start to cool down the interior. Oh, and I need to mention that I like to breathe. Sometimes, when you walk outside in the Alabama heat and humidity it can take your breathe away. And the thought of the sun burning down on my skin just makes me sick to my stomach. Yeah, the thing I love best about the Fall is the cooler temperatures.

The Fashion – Long pants and trousers start to come back out and that means I no longer have to shave my legs as much! Hallelujah! I also love turtleneck sweaters. 🙂 Below is something I made via polyvore and this is the type of outfit I’d stay in all Fall/Winter.


The Smells – Pumpkin, apple cider, spice, cinnamon, pine.. oh the smells of Fall, lest we not forget the scents of Thanksgiving and Christmas too. Although, I think Christmas officially falls under Winter. I only wish I had a fireplace so I could have that smell in my house too.

TimeTime – The days start to get shorter, or the daylight hours get shorter. I love it when it gets darker sooner outside. It reminds me of the holidays, I don’t know why. Perhaps it is an indication that the holiday season is nearly upon us and I do love the holiday season. Plus, daylight savings time ends in the Fall. We set our clocks back and this pleases me.

Football Season – Need I say more? I am not a super-fan of any kind but I do like football season. The Gent gets home from work earlier during football season. I like that he’s home, sitting in his comfy chair and football is on television. It is a laid back kind of time for us. Saturdays you will find us lounging in the den, grazing on football food (hot dogs, wings, or a big ole batch of chili) and cheering for the Dawgs.

The People – Maybe it is just my imagination but everyone seems to be in a better mood during the Fall season. Parents send their kids back to school, giving Mom and Dad a little more free time, structure, and routine. Again, the holidays are right around the corner so everyone seems to put their best foot forward. No one is suffering from the sweltering heat anymore. People have something to talk about other than the terrible news, politics, and current affairs. They talk about their favorite football team instead. And generally, folks are back from a rested vacation.

These are the reasons I love Fall the most.

{Blogger’s Note – I may or may not blog about the theme of Fall every day in October. It is my hope that this blogging challenge will jump start other ideas}

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