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Things I Miss

Yes, there are things I miss but more importantly, there are people I miss as well. This blog post is dedicated to things/and people I miss. This is not a full list and maybe I can write an actual “list” of stuff I miss in a separate post.

Things I Miss

But for now, this post is about things I miss – childhood edition.

My grandparents, obviously, they are not things but people and I miss them and everything they represented in my childhood and young adult life. I wish I had spent more time with them and asked them to tell me more stories about their lives.

Innocence. My own innocence and the innocence of my children. I can’t even get into this, it’s too much.

World wonderment. When I was small, the world was huge and I always had this wonderment about it all. I would sprawl out on my lawn and stare up at the sky and wonder what people in other places were doing at that same moment. I could also look at a single blade of grass and be in true amazement in the size and loneliness of it.

Imagination. One of the tools of creativity I suppose. As a child, I had an imaginary friend. And of course, my brain was filled with all of the ordinary childhood fantasies of the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, and Santa Claus. And I would spend hours imagining I was Wonder Woman or The Bionic Woman. At the same time, I could romp through the woods pretending to discover great new lands. When I went to sleep at night I would try to conjure up meeting Batman and Superman in my dreams.

If you’ll notice, all of these things are related to childhood memories. I’ve been reminiscing over my Generation-X babyhood youth lately and I don’t know why. It could be longing for the way things used to be; have you watched the news lately? Yikes. Or it could be because we are once again empty-nesters and I’m now on the downhill of my 50s. Who knows, but I try NOT to look back with regret. However, there are some things I will have to live with no matter what but that’s a topic for a different blog post.

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