Tom Brady Cliff Jumps with Daughter

Tom Brady Cliff Jumps with Daughter

I’m sure you’ve seen it by now – the video – Tom Brady Cliff Jumps with Daughter. He is criticized for what seems like yanking her off the cliff to plummet who-knows-how-many-feet into the water. It looks very tall. It is a cliff after all.

Tom Brady Cliff Jumps with Daughter

He clearly asks her if she wants to do it. In fact, she is standing on the edge waiting for him to join her.

Don’t give me that argument that she is only 6-years old and doesn’t know any better. Not with today’s liberal parents pushing their children to be transgender or announcing their sexuality for them when they are only 6-years old.

Would I have done that with my child? No, but I am also not a 6’4″ tall professional football player who is in the greatest shape of his life either. But jumping off cliffs, even by myself, just isn’t my thing anyway.

But if Mr. Brady felt confident doing it himself and felt like he was NOT endangering his child, then go for it. It is something she will remember forever. She may need to recall it one day when she gets older and faces something that she needs to go through that scares her.

I thought it was awesome. Good on him, and his daughter Vivi.

Let’s not forget, they are in Costa Rica after all, very brave of them too if you have been following the news on the death toll there for Americans. Granted, I am sure the Brady family is not partaking in any tainted alcohol consumption.

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  1. I’ve jumped off cliffs. I’ve jumped off cliffs that you have to run to clear the rocks below. I think this is just a big fuss about nothing. Very likely she wanted to do it, and he went with her to make sure she didn’t get hurt doing it. People should just mind their won business…but we all know that will never happen.

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