I Am Transitioning

I am transitioning

After taking some extended time away from certain aspects of my life, being able to detach, I’ve been able to reflect on my trials and tribulations, my human condition and I’ve come up with some astonishing realizations. I am transitioning.

I am transitioning.

No longer do I want or care about fancy things such as clothing, shoes, makeup, and beauty. Do I still wear clothing, shoes, makeup? Yes, of course, I do but I am no longer focused on the material.

Lately, I’ve been noticing that I have not been putting much effort or care into keeping up with what the beauty and fashion industries assigns as beautiful.

Just the other day, while I was in Publix, I sought out The September Issue of Vogue. Those of you that know fashion know that this is the bible of bibles in the fashion glossy world. I found the last copy, gently lifted it from the rack like it was made of gold. I stood there with it in my hands, just staring at it. I didn’t even flip through it when I thought, What am I doing? Why do I want this 2-inch thick, $10.00 advertisement magazine filled with stuff I really don’t care about. What am I doing? So I put it back, made my other purchases and left the store satisfied thinking I’d rather put that $10.00 towards my pre-workout drink.

I’ve taken to creating a work uniform too. I mean I am supposed to have a uniform already, as long as I wear something black with a pop of white. I’ve spent way too much money on clothing for trying to look elegant and fancy at work. I’ve been physically uncomfortable and that makes me grouchy. So, I’ve taken to creating a simple and comfortable uniform. I purchased several Crown & Ivy (Belk brand) basic black pants that I was able to get at a decent price. They are comfortable and look great. Then I bought some basic black tees and white tees. I can throw a blazer on top at any time. Oh my gosh, so much easier now, and faster.

My makeup routine has been trimmed back as well. No more trying to get that perfect winged eyeliner with a crisp detail. Instead, I’ve taken to the smokey eye quite well, it is a lot faster. I don’t take the time to try to get the eye shadow just so and perfect. Then I throw on a basic neutral lip color, nothing fancy.

Since my hair is getting longer, it is easier and quicker to style, so that’s nice.

On the weekends, I rarely put on makeup anymore and hardly ever style my hair. I just go au natural.

All of this time-saving stuff adds up to more time in the gym! LOL More time to spend on what I LOVE and less time focused on what I am NOT.

In general, [Tweet theme=”basic-border”]I am becoming less of a Glam girl and more of a Grit girl.[/Tweet] And I like it. Life is easier and more satisfying this way, the real me. Yes, I am transitioning. Took me long enough. Why have I fought it this long? Because I wanted to fit in with everyone else? Perhaps. I don’t know and it doesn’t matter now. It is what it is and I am finally getting happy with where I am today. I like what I am doing now.

Oh I’m sure there will still remain a little bit of the Glam, after all, I still like to dress up from time to time and look pretty but it’s not my life.

Thanks for reading….

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  1. When you get my age (almost 55), you just don’t give a hoot anymore. And it’s wonderful! I wear what I’m most comfortable in. I’ve got it down to mostly black leggings and any longer top. Plus, you change up shoes when needed. I’m too old for that other crap!😜

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