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Watches, Jewelry, Heirloom

Recently, I pulled out my grandparents watches that I’ve had stowed away in my jewelry box for the last 20-something years.

I hadn’t realized how long I had had them. It stunned me to count up the years.

But I got them out, took them to Belk and asked what they could do. My grandma’s watch needed a new stretch band on it. However, the Manager of the Fine Jewelry section at Belk had a different idea. She suggested a beautiful silver chain, and make the watch into a bracelet. The watch works. So does my grandpa’s watch, they both simply needed new batteries. And to be cleaned up, polished.

And that is what we did…. I’ve been wearing them too. Because why not. I have been enjoying putting them on and reminiscing. My grandma Kate and my grandpa Jack. I have fond memories. I lived with them my last two years of high school after all. And it was my grandma Kate, she’s the one who strongly suggested I go into the military.

My grandma died when I was pregnant with my daughter.
My grandpa died when I was pregnant with my son.

My daughter and son are now 20- and 18-years old, respectively.

Turquoise and silver, they had matching watches. I have no idea from where (or whom) my grandmother acquired these watches. But they are gorgeous.

Watches, Jewelry, Heirloom



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