Trends I Would Ban

Seeing as how the world has worked itself all up in a whirlwind of a frenzy about banning things and people and stuff, I thought I would share with you some fashion trends I’d like to see banned.

Things I would ban.

I’m just gonna get this first one off my chest right now; the man bun. I don’t know why but this trend just gets on my last nerve. Whenever I see a man bun I just roll my eyes. It’s not cute and it’s not clever. In all honesty, I don’t even care for long hair in general on men. There, I said it. BANNED

Fringe, fringe, fringe everywhere. Enough with the fringe. I have never ever liked fringe anyway. Ever. And now it’s everywhere. It’s on shoes, handbags, shirt sleeves, skirts. Fringe spewed everywhere. Yuck. It’s just cheap looking. BANNED

The one different nail color. You’ve seen them. All the fingernails painted the same color except for one, usually the wedding ring finger. I don’t know why this trend was started, but it has certainly played out its charm – hence the term trend. Everyone can find something else to do with their nails now, thank you. BANNED

Cut-out shoulders. You know what I am talking about, the shirts that have the top part of the sleeves cut out so your shoulder or top part of your arm is exposed? Yeah, that one. This is another trend that I think looks cheap. I think everyone else is finally catching on because I don’t see this as much as I used to, thank goodness! BANNED

Anything lace. Now, this is just a personal thing for me. I hate lace, hate it. I loathe lace. The only place I MIGHT like to see lace is on a wedding gown. I had lace on my wedding gown. Yes. But to wear it in everyday fashion? It is everywhere now. I don’t like it, at all. It is another one of those things I think cheapens an outfit. Once considered a luxurious fabric, and I believe because of it being on wedding gowns and probably hard to get once upon a time, but now that it has moved out into every single item of clothing; I hate it. BANNED

The short/long skirt/dress. This popped up out of nowhere one year and everyone and their mother had to have this trend. I never gave in because immediately I thought the look was hideous. The skirt or dress where it is short in the front but longer in the back? Also known as the mullet skirt. Again, this is a trend that I think is phasing out, a quick flash in the pan, and it’s done. BANNED

Super blocked and chunky eyebrows. Just fill them in naturally. I understand how one can get carried away and that is why one should always keep their eyebrows groomed, waxed, and plucked. It will take a while to wean yourself off of the thick eyebrow, but it can be done. BANNED

The contouring craze. Really? How many different ways can you make your face look like your face? I think this is a total beauty product scheme to sell more stuff. Kind of like Valentine’s Day was created to sell more stuff. This whole contouring thing has gotten out of hand and seems ridiculous. BANNED

Clown pants. That is what I call them anyway. The loud patterned polyester wide-legged pants? Usually worn with a loose and flowing top. It is not attractive on anyone. I’d like to know what designer thought that look was fashionable. It is like someone took a child’s outfit and made it for grownups. What were they thinking? BANNED

I’ll leave you with those for now. Oh trust me, there’s more but that is all I could stand at this point.

Thanks for reading and show me Your Moxie!

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