Twenty-Five Things

Inspired by Nora Ephon’s list of “Twenty-five Things People Have a Shocking Capacity to Be Surprised by Over and Over Again,” in her book titled, “I Remember Nothing: And Other Reflections.

Her list is different, of course, and I’ll let you purchase the book to find out what her twenty-fives things are but in the meantime, here is my list:

1. How much bigger you look in a photograph or your reflection in a window as you pass by.
2. When someone disagrees with you.
3. Men don’t care if they are fake or real, only that they look nice and perky.
4. Most men will disagree with previous statement.
5. Trying new shoes on at the store – fits perfectly until you get them home, then they are too small.
6. Facebook and its propensity to keep changing itself. Free outrage for everyone!
7. Someone calling you, on a phone, to you know, talk to you.
8. The amount of money spent in and by and from Washington D.C.
9. Your cell phone bill.
10. Crappy reality television. Or how reality television is crappy. Or the crappy behavior of reality television stars.
11. Rude people
12. Hollywood couples divorcing
13. The calorie count in a Big Mac
14. Realizing you have Siri on your iPhone.
15. Gaffes by politicians
16. Hurricanes making landfall.
17. Mainstream media bias
18. Any story about a super model
19. Tiger Woods still winning.
20. Dieting fads don’t work, I will have to do it the old fashioned way; eat right and exercise. Or have surgery.
21. Coworkers not cleaning up after themselves in the kitchen and/or not making another pot of coffee.
22. That the world doesn’t revolve around me, or you.
23. Other peoples’ success. We can accept their failures with ease but their success is shocking.
24. That 50 Shades of Gray is fiction.
25. How awful you feel after eating a bunch of junk.

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