So I decided I had had enough with Facebook and all that comes with it and I’ve been limiting my time over there.

However, I’m all up in a Twitter. You should be too. It is so awesome! You know those people who are always writing and jotting down notes here and there on scrap pieces of paper, napkins, their hand, or whatever is nearby at the time? Yeah, Twitter acts like that for me. I am limited to 140-characters and sometimes I just want to put a thought or an idea out there. Sometimes I am venting, sometimes I am pondering. Most of the time I am reading and getting good articles from Twitter. I favorite and retweet.

But now, Twitter has added another option. You can now email a Tweet to anyone. I just emailed myself the first of many Tweets and I did it because I want to blog about the subject matter later. The subject of that particular Tweet. So instead of forgetting about it later, I now have an email waiting for me and I am reminded of what it was I wanted to blog. The source is with it and everything! Meaning, the person who Tweeted it in the first place.

Here is screen capture of what the new option looks like; MORE. This is NOT the Tweet I emailed to myself, no, that was someone else’s Tweet that I emailed to myself!

…More on Twitter

I circled it in red. And when you click on “MORE” it will then give you the option to email.


Does this mean I am some sort of dork for being so excited over this discovery?

3 thoughts on “Twittering”

  1. I normally email tweets to myself through my phone and not Twitter itself. Cool to know they figured out a lot of people do that. We are NOT dorks!! So glad to be finally back on your blog after having some free time!

  2. I’m glad you said something. I have avoided my twitter forever, but am trying to get into the habit of using it again. Trouble for me is I follow so many people it’s nearly impossible to keep up and I ALWAYS miss something.

    I do have people divided into lists, and that helps some, except I haven’t figured out how to access my lists from twitter for iphone.

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