Valentine Style

My Art Deco and Jazz Era inspired jewelry.

So it’s the week of Valentine’s Day. Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and the previous week leading up to this day of romance got me to thinking about what I wanted to editorialize for you today. What comes to mind when you think of Valentine’s Day? Now what comes to mind when you think of a stylish Valentine’s Day? That’s right, let’s dish on the bling shall we?

Lately, I’ve been reading about what’s hot in the jewelry category, what’s on the runways, what designers are pushing, and what is the must have pieces. It seems the Art Deco of the 1920s and early 1930s Jazz-era are the most popular pieces making their way to the forefront of the upcoming modern day season.

I have to say that this is my favorite style of jewelry. Each piece is so unique and people just don’t wear this type of jewelry on a regular basis anymore. Which is probably why it is making its comeback now. Every season there is a throw back to an era gone by whether it be in the jewelry we wear, or the pants and/hemlines, and even hair styles. I guess that saying about history repeating itself is true. Personally, I love it. We always need to mix in the old with the new, in my opinion anyway.

Below are some of my pieces. One necklace is new, from The Gent. One necklace my Aunt gave me and a three of the rings were my grandmother’s – genuine Jazz-era rings! Can you tell which rings were my grandmother’s and which one is the current day ring?

Photographs taken by me. Click on an image for larger view.

Television shows like HBO’s hit series Boardwalk Empire have probably been helpful in catapulting the Jazz-age jewelry to the 2012 runways. And the movies? Yes, I think Leonardo DiCaprio has a time machine in his basement and recently stayed a little too long in the roaring twenties as a young J. Edgar, and now, his latest movie, The Great Gatsby (not yet released). Oh, I’m not complaining at all. Sometimes I wish we were all in the early 1920s again, together and forever.


  • Harold

    The Wall Street Journal recently showcased this fashion trend; I’ll post a link to a slideshow of 20s-inspired fashion but you may need a subscription to access it.

    It’s a great look. I’ve long thought it would be nice for men to start wearing the hats of the age again; though I’m not much of a suit-and-tie guy, I think it would be fun to give the look a try once in awhile.

    • Harold

      The link I posted wasn’t to the actual article I’d read; perhaps it wasn’t in the Wall Street Journal at all. But I do recall reading this one, which talks about films like The Artist inspiring the 1920s fashion.

      • c.a. Marks

        Oh yes, I’ve recently heard the buzz on the movie, The Artist. I can’t remember where or when, someone had Penelope Ann Miller on and interviewing her. I forget where I saw it.

  • Tamika D.

    These are too fab! I can’t believe that you did these. Looks like something out of a mag/catalog. Can’t wait to see more. If you don’t sell, you should!

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