Visiting Other CrossFit® Boxes

Visiting other CrossFit boxes

I’ve had the opportunity to travel a little bit with a couple of different jobs. This means I’ve also had the privilege of visiting other CrossFit® boxes other than my hometown or the local box to which I am a paying member. This blog post is about some basic suggested etiquette to use when visiting other CrossFit® boxes. These are merely my own opinions.

Visiting Other CrossFit® Boxes

If you have enough notice of your trip, try to plan your box visit ahead of time as well. Call or contact the box you want to visit and let them know you are going to attend. Most of them have online registration. Or, just contact them via their Facebook page. I’ve done both and have gotten quick responses both ways.

Show up earlier than usual. Some boxes may have a waiver to sign. Also, showing up early gives you a plan to find the place in plenty of time if you are not familiar with the city you are visiting. Showing up early will also give you time to look around and find where things are located; bands, plates, boxes, barbells, jump ropes, wall balls, etc etc.

Pay your visiting fee as well. Some boxes take payment online ahead of time. Buy a tee shirt too!

Look around the box, some will have their own etiquette rules written down on a whiteboard or something, like the last box I visited. Their etiquette rules included wiping down your ab mats, wall balls, barbells, not throwing plates and empty barbells down on the ground, etc.

Introduce yourself! In addition to introducing yourself to the head coach (who should be expecting you because you pre-registered) but also introduce yourself to the other athletes, don’t be shy.

When all else fails, just remember how you would want a visitor to behave if they were visiting YOUR hometown box. Common sense people, common sense.

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