Wacoal Bra Sales Consultant, An Interview

A few months ago I had the opportunity to be a part of an event hosted by Belk and Wacoal; 30 Years of Beauty. During the event I met a representative of Wacoal (Deb Lawler) and while I observed her passion for the company and her job, I knew I wanted to interview her for my blog immediately. So, this is the interview. Enjoy.

Wacoal Bra Sales Consultant, An Interview

Q1: Please tell us about yourself and why you love working for Wacoal, and how long have you been with the company? Also, what do you do for the company?
I have worked for Wacoal for 25 years now. It is a great company to work for because we build great product and have great integrity throughout our company. I am a sales consultant for Wacoal, so I train sales associate on how to fit and sell our product as well as making sure that the merchandise looks great in the store. I have discovered this to be my calling in life. I have the ability to make someone feel better and look better with a proper fitting and product. I have been told that I have changed some women’s lives. That makes me happy.

Q2: What are three things every woman must look for in a good fitting bra?
Comfort is first and foremost, but the bra also needs to lift and support the breast tissue.

Q3: Tell us about the sizing process. How does one get sized?
Well, I usually begin by asking my client to come back to my office (the fitting room) and take a couple of measurements (top off, bra on) to get a range for her size. Then I head out to grab a couple of sizes in her range in our fit bra, Retro Chic by Wacoal. Since the tape measure doesn’t always tell the truth, I want to bring in a few sizes to find the right one. I will help her get into the bra, and then check the fit points. The bra should be secure around the body, no more than a couple of fingers should slide under the band. (I like to say it should be snug like a hug!) The straps should not carry any weight. So many women try to tighten straps to lift their breast tissue, but that will actually lift the back of the bra and send “the girls” south. The band does the work, not the straps! As for the front, the center of the bra should lay against the breastbone and the wire should be on the chest wall. If the wire is pushing into or pressing out from the breast, we need to adjust the cup up or down. I always tell my ladies that the wire should look like a smile and feel like one as well. If all of these are accomplished, we have found the correct size. After that, I check the looks of the cup. The Retro Chic is great for telling me the customer’s figure type as well. I will know from its fit which other styles will also look great on her.

Q4: Are there different types of bras for different types of shapes?
Yes, once we have discovered her bra size, we can determine which styles will work best for her. If she is full figured, she may not be able to wear the Demi contour styles. The woman whose breast tissue is firm will have different styles that work for her than the woman whose tissue is not as firm. This is why we have so many styles and size ranges available within the Wacoal brand. We want to be able to accommodate all of the amazing women that come in to be fit.

Q5: Can you speak a little bit about Wacoal’s history?
Wacoal is an international company that started after WWII in Japan. They have since expanded over much of the world. Wacoal America is celebrating our 30 year anniversary this year, and we have helped to bring Wacoal to parts of Europe as well as Canada and Brazil. It is still a family run company who thinks long term. That keeps us strong.

Q6: What is the 30 Years of Beauty campaign?
We wanted to celebrate our “anniversary” with our consumers. The word Wacoal means Enhancement of Beauty, so we are focusing in each month on different styles that enhance a woman’s beauty. We are also giving away 30 bras each week through the the rest of the year at our website, www.wacoal-america.com.

Q7: How and why did Zanna Roberts Rassi get involved?
We have been blessed to have Zanna Roberts Rossi come on board with us to promote our bra of the month campaign. She is the senior fashion editor at Marie Claire as well as a celebrity stylist. She loves our product, so it is a great match.

Q8: I guess we can find Wacoal in major department stores?
Yes, Wacoal is available in better department stores as well as specialty boutiques. As with everyone these days, we have an Internet presence as well. I always suggest visiting your favorite department or specialty store to get that fitting and service though. It can make such a difference.

Q9: Do you have any special events coming up for north Alabama?
For north Alabama and around the country, it is time for our semi annual Fit for the Cure events. Wacoal has a relationship with Susan G. Komen for the Cure, a grass roots organization that helps fund testing, education and prevention of breast cancer. At every Fit for the Cure event, Wacoal donates $2 for every fitting that we do. We also donate $2 for every Wacoal or b.Tempt’d bra or Wacoal shape wear purchase made on the day of the events. Everyone can check out www.wacoal-america.com or www.fitforthecure.com to find an event near them.

Deborah Lawler
Sales Consultant • WACOAL AMERICA, INC.


Thank you Deb for taking the time to answer my questions. For years, I have been purchasing the cheap bras. And for the most part I thought they were doing the trick. They kept the girls in place and I was satisfied with them. I always thought I had to have the padded bra to help keep them where they are supposed to be. I was one of those women that she talks about in Q3.

I now buy the Retro Chic Wacoal bra. I never thought I could have pretty bras and still have them do their job! They are worth every single penny. I LOVE THEM! I have one in black and one in the cappuccino color. I plan to buy more. They are the best bra I have ever owned, and so pretty!

And if it had not been for the Belk associate, Marie, persuading me to “Just try it on” I think I would still be walking by the mannequins and wishing I could wear that sort of thing. So thank you Marie!

One last thing, I cannot stress enough the importance of getting fitted properly for a bra. Bras are like jeans or waist lines – we think (or want) to be one size when really we are another. We also let a number (or cup size) mess with our self-esteem. Let’s stop allowing a number or cup size have control over us.

Thanks for reading and show me Your Moxie!

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