Steve Madden, Belk

Week Review In Pictures

Been super busy, so here is my lazy blog post about my week review in pictures. I will be headed to Birmingham this afternoon for the event hosted by See Jane Write; Your Blog Is Your Business presented by Wade Kwon. So expect photos and a recap from that sometime this week.

Chanel, Makeup
I have my own Look from Chanel.
Gifts, Coffee, Chocolate, Melamine Dinnerware
A gift from Cosmopolitan Cornbread
Steve Madden, Belk
Steve Madden comes to town.
Jewelry, Heirloom
I break out the good jewelry.
Morning coffee
Flip Flops, Lucky Brand
I succumb to the dress-with-flip-flop-look. But at least they are cute.

Thanks for reading (and watching) and show me your moxie!


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