Weekly Brief #1

Brief #1Since this is a new blog (not Moxie Beautiful anymore) and I still liked doing the weekly snippets (Moxie Shorts) I thought I’d continue with it on this blog. Obviously, I have to rename it to something else. And so we have The Briefs – this is Weekly Brief #1.

The Weekly Briefs will be snippets of my life or things I wanted to share with you but were not big enough for a stand-alone blog post.

So here we go…

  • My calendar has been blank a lot lately. I used to have it filled up with stuff but since starting my new job in January, I put in odd hours and when I do have time off I don’t really want to go out and about. I am starting to value my alone/downtime.
  • Finished Stranger Things 2 – it took me a few episodes to get into but by the fourth episode, I was in again. Great series. Good old fashioned creativity and none of the politically infused nonsense of the current days.
  • Ozark, another Netflix series I started watching was good. I’ll continue with the series as they do another season. Jason Bateman surprised me, in a good way.
  • My daughter turned me on to another Netflix series – Mindhunter. Takes place in the 1970s when the FBI delves into the psychology of serial killers. Intense at times and you never really know where you are going next with the characters.
  • And December 8th will kick off the second season of The Crown. I am going to make a plan to binge this on purpose. I’ll have to shop for food, beverages, make sure my laundry is caught up, pick a day where I don’t have to work the next day and make the rest of the family aware that I will be unavailable for anything for them. Yep.
  • I think I am finally getting settled into my job. It was up and down there for a few months but I am getting used to it and kind of like it now. Shhh, don’t tell anyone. But I’ll admit, I was freaking out for a little while there. It has gotten much better.
  • Still getting over a head cold. I thought I was getting sick right before we went on our Vegas trip but was able to “will it away” but now it has caught up with me. Drats. Oh well, it’s getting better.
  • What is with all the sexual harassment, assault, rape accusations these days? Goodness, gracious. I heard the term used as “epidemic” from one news anchor and at first, I thought that was a little extreme but now I am starting to think they were right. I’ve never seen or heard anything like this before in my life. I mean when I was in the Navy, back in the mid-80s to early 90s we had to go through all sorts of sexual harassment classes and such. Everyone was afraid to say anything to anyone back then, so it seemed.
  • Speaking of which, I probably won’t be voting in the Senatorial election next month. Cause damn.
  • For the first time, The Girl (my daughter) plans on having Thanksgiving somewhere else. She is traveling up north to Ohio to spend time with my side of the family. I’m sad but also glad she gets to go spend time with them. Prayers for safe travels for her would be greatly appreciated.
  • I cannot wait to go see Justice League in theaters. I’ll have to plan to hit that up on a matinee on a Sunday maybe.
  • Started using a new RSS reader called NewsBlur. I like it so far! Easy to navigate, maneuver, and read. I am still discovering and exploring it and hope to find more nuggets from the platform.
  • I know it is Thanksgiving week but it just doesn’t feel like it to me. I’ve started listening to Christmas music trying to get in the festive spirit mood but so far nothing is happening. Ha! Maybe I am becoming Scrooge or since the kids are grown and out doing their own thing these days I have become lost. At any rate, I’ve not been hit with the hustle and bustle of holiday cheer yet.That’s it for now folks. Thanks for reading The Weekly Briefs; Weekly Brief #1.

Your Charmingly Bold Generation-X Blogger,

Author: Carol Marks

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4 thoughts on “Weekly Brief #1”

  1. Stranger Things! Yes! I just finished the final season on Longmire 🙁 it was a good ending though.
    A movie I’m really wanting to see is Murder on the Orient Express.
    Haven’t heard of NewsBlur, I’ll have to check it out.
    The election. Yeah.

  2. I wondered what you you were going to do about the election. Girl, that mess is a Florida level scandal. I’m honestly surprised to see all of that coming out of Alabama.

    I just can’t believe that The Girl is doing Thanksgiving elsewhere solely because I still refuse to believe that she’s old enough to drive! Nothing reminds me about how quickly time flies as thinking about how grown up my friends’ children are now.

    So happy to see you blogging again!

    1. I have a lot to say about the election thing, or the events surrounding Roy Moore. Yeah, I can’t believe it either, how old my kids are or even how old I am for that matter! Gah, time really does fly.

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