What Do You Blog About?

Carol Marks, Blogger

When I introduce myself as a blogger, I get this question a lot – “What do you blog about?” And I always find myself searching for some sort of explanation. It’s hard to describe. I’m “just a blogger” is what I normally say. I feel weird replying with, “I’m a lifestyle blogger.” Because I don’t feel like I am a lifestyle blogger.

Carol Marks, Blogger

A lifestyle blogger, to me, is something else entirely. Think A Beautiful Mess. And I am SO NOT that kind of blogger. I’m, “just a blogger.

So, what do I say to people when they ask me, “What do you blog about?” I have no clue. I need a new term or phrase. What do you think?

I blog about stuff.

I call myself a charmingly bold GenX blogger but what does that mean exactly? I’m a 48-year old blogger. That’s all that means. I simply blog about stuff from my perspective. I blog about my experiences.

I’ve always liked the term savior-faire but does that sound too pompous? I’m just going to start trying it out.

What do you blog about?

I’m a savoir-faire blogger.

And now I can see nothing but blank stares looking back at me. Ha! Oh well.

I’m not really a savior-faire blogger.

I guess I’ll just sit on it for a while and ponder.

Thanks for reading and show me your moxie!

9 thoughts on “What Do You Blog About?”

  1. I struggle with this too. If anyone asks “what my blog is about” I usually just say….”Me.” Because it is! It’s a personal blog and that means I cover a wide array of topics that are important to me (and hopefully others too!). Tell them if they want to know what your blog is about, to check it themselves 🙂

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