What is Moxie Beautiful? Why Follow on Bloglovin’.

Since I am in this contest over at Bloglovin’ to acquire the most new followers in the month of August, I thought I would create a blog post to persuade you to follow along.

I’d have to start with What Is Moxie Beautiful?

  1. Obviously it is the name of my blog
  2. While most folks like alliteration, I prefer juxtaposition. Moxie and Beautiful together, to me, means Grit + Glamour; Real Life + Captivating; Hard + Charming. Well, you get the picture, right?
  3. I took quite a bit of time to come up with Moxie Beautiful, the name, the brand. I wanted to convey tenacity yet also be approachable, friendly, and charming.
  4. Because that is how I view myself. I can be hard, hard-headed, strong-willed, sailor-mouthed, and gritty while also sometimes showing my softer feminine self. I think we are all made up of these things.
  5. I wanted a representation of this on the Blogosphere. So here I am.

I see a lot of picture perfect, nothing out of place, bloggers out there. That’s not me.

Born in the 60s and growing up in the 70s & 80s makes me a character in the era of Generation-X and I am proud of this fact. This is also something I do not see represented on the Blogosphere. So here I am.

So, what will you find here on Moxie Beautiful? What sort of topics should you expect?

Grit Moxie Beautiful
Grit – I can get a little mouthy on the blog. Sometimes it is subtle but it is there. I’ve tried to clean up my language and tone but I still need to be myself after all. Also, I hope to post more bad-ass functional fitness images and posts and GRIT in this category. No makeup, nothing glamorous, all grit, sweat, and Moxie. Come with me on my journey of getting fit and being strong.

Glam Moxie Beautiful
Glam – the softer more feminine – or the Beautiful in Moxie. I like makeup. I like clothes and shopping and trends and style. I work for a major cosmetic company in retail. I love fashion and beauty. I’ll blog about that under this category. I also like trying to be edgy and glamorous while turning 50-years old; Generation-X.

Generation X Moxie Beautiful
GenerationX – and speaking of turning 50-years old. This category will be obviously where I put all things related to issues of my generation. I have two “grown” children, in college, and The Gent and I are facing the empty-nest syndrome. What is next for us? We shall see.

Bottom line, there are several ways to follow my blog. However, for the month of August, Blovlovin’ is running a contest and it is straightforward simple; acquire the most NEW followers and get featured on their site.

That is one goal of mine for August – to win this contest.

If you’d be so kind as to GIVE ME A FOLLOW ON BLOGLOVIN’ if I have thoroughly convinced you to do so.

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Thanks for reading and show me your moxie!

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