What’s For Dinner?

Normally, The Gent fixes dinner, every evening. He is the one who gets home first, usually a few hours before I do because he goes into work at three hours before dawn. Anyway, he is the one who normally fixes supper. But this Father’s Day weekend I wanted to relieve him of his domestic chores, so I prepared dinner on Saturday and Sunday. Ooooooooh. I know! I reckon we wanted to keep the rhythm going because The Girl volunteered to start supper on Monday (tonight).

The Girl actually planned it on Sunday, looked up what she wanted to make and went grocery shopping for the ingredients.

Last year, The Girl took home economics and had to plan a whole meal, go grocery shopping and prepare the meal all by herself. We took photos. She had to take photos, write out her plan, and all that good stuff. She made quiche, baked apples, and a cream cheese danish. We had a great Thanksgiving breakfast last year!

So it only makes sense for her to prepare quiche again this evening. She made a ham and broccoli quiche along with baked apples. The baked apples were Granny Smiths, cut in half with core scooped out. She then topped it with margarine and brown sugar then baked.

My only complaint was that she only made ONE quiche. I could have eaten a lot more than one piece. It was delicious!

Tomorrow night, The Boy says he’s going to cook. Hey, I like Hamburger Helper!

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