What’s In My Bag II

A while back, I did a “What’s in my bag” blog post. It received several hits from readers and Google searchers.

Recently, I purchased a new handbag and I want to tell you all about it. And in doing so, I’ll do another What’s In My Bag post.

London Fog, founded in 1923 and became known for making waterproof clothing for the Navy during World War II. Some of you Mad Men fans might remember the episode where the brand made a small appearance. And in real life, Christina Hendricks (from Mad Men) became their spokesmodel in 2010.

Anyway, I have been on the lookout for a new handbag. I searched high and low. I searched Belk, I searched Target, I searched Ross, I searched Marshalls, I searched online, and I searched TJ Maxx. I finally found “THE ONE” at SteinMart. And of course, SteinMart was the last place I visited.

But there it was, sitting on the sale table. It came down to two London Fog handbags. Both were black, both totes, but in the end it came down to the one I purchased because of the size and the way it opened. And the way it looked when I carried it on my shoulder.

Here is a shopping hint – take your sale item to the cash register and have them do a price check. Sometimes, and often times, when they have sales they will enter them into the system before they get time to change the prices out on the floor.

This was the case for me. Here is the breakdown in the price of my new bag.

Original price: $150.00
Sale price: $59.** (** = some sort of cents that I can’t remember).

I had the lady working there in the handbag section scan the item for me with her scanner gun that she was walking around with and low an behold, it was on sale even further….

New sale price: $51.00

Oh but wait….

I take it to the checkout counter and it rings up at the cash register as….



The the lady asks me, “Do you want to open a SteinMart credit card? You’ll get $10.00 OFF and save an additional extra 10%.”

Well duh! Yes. Yes, I do.

The end price, when all was said and done was $19.66

$19.66 ya’ll!!

I, of course, turned right around had paid off the newly opened credit account. Cause duh. The Gent, my husband, has taught me to never pay interest.

So what is in my new London Fog handbag? The new handbag that I love and will never search for another? Because it is so awesome and perfect in every way?

Handbag, London Fog, What's in my bag

1. The pouch that holds my brand new camera (video camera) for shooting YouTube videos.
2. The pouch that holds business cards, pens, cosmetic compact.
3. My Hobo wallet/wristlet.
4. Moleskine chapter notebook.
5. Retro notebook from mochithings.com where I record my CrossFit WODs.
6. Date planner.
7. Book I’m reading, Victoria Beckham’s That Extra Half An Inch.
8. My little Nook Glowlight.
9. Burt’s Bees Hand Salve.
10. Little black netted zippered pouch that holds things like Advil, feminine products, bandaids, extra contacts, eye drops, dental floss, etc etc.

The thing with larger handbags, the secret, is to compartmentalize with pouches!

What is the one thing YOU have to have in your handbag?

Handbag, London Fog, What's in my bag

Handbag, London Fog, What's in my bag

Handbag, London Fog, What's in my bag

Thanks for reading and show me your moxie!


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