Whole Life Challenge Newb

Today I signed up for my very first Whole Life Challenge. I’ve known people who have done this challenge, who have participated in it and have gotten amazing results. Of course, me on the other hand, always balked at signing up for the fun and games. “It’s too hard!” “It’s too involved and detailed and overwhelming!” Those were my go-to excuses. Me, being lazy and complacent.

So, I’ve challenged myself to sign up. I used to be terrified of CrossFit but here I am going on my second year and LOVING every single second of it. And now I’ve given myself over to the Whole Life Challenge. I’m going at it full force. Because why the heck not?! Living life with trepidation has gotten me nowhere quite frankly.

There was a time in my life when I used to go at life with gusto but somewhere along the way, growing up into a mature adult, I lost it. I felt that living on the inside, looking out, was much safer. Until now. Maybe it is the time in my life, getting older, I’ve changed my mind. Maybe it was just being a parent with dependent children (school age) that made me shy and hold back. Now that the children are nearly grown and starting on their own path in life, my constant attention no longer needed, it is time to shift back to the essence of self, new beginnings and adventures. Looking at 50 is not looking so bad anymore. It’s in the distance, but I can see it and it’s not so bad.

Whole Life Challenge, September, 2014

So, with gusto, I signed up for the Whole Life Challenge – at the Performance Level. Yes, I am second-guessing that decision and I’ve already tried to scramble all over the website looking to downgrade to KickStart or LifeStyle Level but can’t figure it out. So… Performance Level it is.

Either way, I am excited! Are you? You should be. 😉

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