Working Out Improves My Mental Health

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Today’s #BlogLikeCrazy writing prompt is to tell you about my new workout regime. My workout regimen is nothing new, not really, so I thought I’d take this time to tell you the other benefits I get from working out.

Other than feeling better about myself physically and challenging myself to get new Personal Records (PR) in lifting. Other than it being good for my body on the inside like heart and lungs. And other than any and all other physical benefits – getting off my diabetes and high cholesterol medications – here are some other pros about working out, or what I have noticed for myself.

  • My mind is better. Clearer. I’m not as bogged down with “life” or stressed out. My mental health improves tremendously when I am working out. When I go about 4-days straight without working out, I begin to tell the difference in my mental status. It’s not good.
  • My soul is better. This working out thing is just for me. No one else can do it for me. It soothes my soul and settles me down. I feel good about the work I put in. Again, no one else can do this for me. I am doing it. For myself.
  • Basically, I am in a better mood. Cheerful almost. A lot more easy to be around, for sure. I have a positive outlook on life and not all gloom, doom, negative, and depressing.
  • It builds my confidence level. I have spoken about this aspect of working out before. Whenever I see the WOD beforehand, my first instinct is to think, “I can’t do that!” But when I show up anyway and attempt it, even if it is a scaled version, I feel pretty damned good when I leave the gym, getting it done.
  • It keeps me feeling young. This may be physically too but it also makes me feel young mentally. There’s nothing like deadlifting 240#s or push pressing 110# and knowing you are a middle-aged woman. Love it. I still have a whole lot more living to do (now that the kids are grown) and I need to be ready for it.
  • Meeting new people. I like meeting new people. Where I workout, there is normally new people coming in from the Fundamentals class on a regular basis. I love that we workout in a class setting and encourage one another. Of the last three places I have worked out, they’ve all had a class setting. I have enjoyed all of them because of this fact.
  • The coaches. I see the same coaches every day and they are AWESOME. Knowledgable and willing to help you. Always encouraging. And fun. The benefit to having a coach is accountability and having someone there for you to help with setting and achieving goals.
  • BestShinsOh, and you can also get a bona fide Award for Best Shins in Huntsville, via Joe Martin. He’s the one that started this whole “working out” thing for me. He is the one I always credit with changing my life, and probably saved it from my destruction. Yes, that is a medal I am holding next to my shins. Joe Martin awarded it to me at his 5th Year Anniversary bash in 2014.

Where do I workout now? I am at Iron Tribe Fitness in Huntsville. I moved over this October from CrossFit Impulse, another great place to workout and find support.

Did I miss any other benefits? Feel free to comment what you have found beneficial from working out.

Thanks for reading and show me Your Moxie!

2 thoughts on “Working Out Improves My Mental Health”

  1. Indeed excellent shins. 🙂

    And few things screw up your mental health like the feeling of being out of shape, so I’m not surprised that returning to top form has done some good for your brain function.

  2. Great post! I always tell people that exercise is way more than losing weight or gaining muscle. I’m exactly like you — if I don’t work out in too long, I can feel it in more places than just my waistband. These are great reminders of the benefits!

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