Carol ReMarks Podcast

Carol ReMarks Podcast

Well, I finally recorded and aired the second episode of the Carol ReMarks podcast and I have to tell you, it is truly awful. But I don’t care, it is a starting point and now I have something to strive to improve. That’s always good, right?

Carol ReMarks Podcast

The second episode of my Carol ReMarks podcast is titled I Want My MTV where I highlight some music videos that influenced my youth.

At first, I wanted to concentrate this podcast on Generation-X things. However, I think I may loosen that idea up to include current events and other topics such as living life after 50 as well as some fitness thrown in.

Or I just may decide to give my ReMarks on whatever grabs me during the week. I would still like to take the time to research whatever topic I decide to bloviate about that week because I do like that part of podcasting; the research.

It took me forever to record and air this second episode of my personal and solo podcast. I do another podcast with my daughter (More ReMarks Podcast) and that one is fun and easy to do because I am having fun with my daughter and we have banter.

Doing a solo podcast is an entirely different beast because it’s just me, JUST ME blathering on and on about something. But, I listen to other solo podcasts who do it brilliantly and seemingly with ease.

So, I will take this as a learning experience and keep trying to improve. It’s still fun to me after all.

Here is my RSS feed for Carol ReMarks Podcast.

And of course you can find it on most of the players.

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Living life after fifty. I am your charmingly bold Generation-X blogger and podcaster sharing my experience on what it is like to live life beyond the Big 5-0. Yes, it's possible and in some ways, even better than ever.

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