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Hello, my name is Carol Marks – the blogger behind

I moved to Alabama in 1991 at the youthful age of 25 and after having lived in Georgia for one year. Before Georgia, I served 5-active and-honorable years in the United States Navy where I was stationed in Washington, DC.

The Blogger- Carol Marks

Soon after moving to Alabama, I settled down with an Alabama boy and we proceeded to live the American dream. We started a business, bought a house and started a “million dollar” family where we produced a girl in 1995 and then a boy in 1996.

In 2005, my husband and the father of my children passed away.

Fortunately, I had many friends and made a life for myself in Alabama, so I decided to stay here instead of high-tailing it back to Ohio where all of my other relatives live.

I remarried in 2008. I like to refer to my husband as The Gent and, yes, there is a story behind it. When we married, the kids were 11 and 13 years old. The Gent stepped up to the plate big time.

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Now, fast forward to current time. The Gent and I have been empty-nesters for a few years and have noticed a significant dent to our grocery bill.

We recently, and successfully, married off the daughter in 2020 and our son has had a steady girl for a couple of years.  All are gainfully employed and live here in Huntsville, Alabama.

Now that we are empty-nesters, I thought I would get back online and share what it is like as empty-nesters and living life after 50.

The Gent and I like to travel, I recently started a new job, and I have a garage gym where I share my workouts on social media. I am Crossfit Level 1 Certified – one of my big scary goals that I accomplished in my 50s.

I am of the Generation-X era so I’ve got that going for me, which is nice. In addition to my blog and social media platforms, I also have a podcast called More ReMarks and it’s simply just a fun project for me.


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