What I Will Miss

What I Will Miss

A few days ago, I wrote a little bit about Nora Ephron and it reminded me of a documentary that I had not yet watched called Everything Is Copy. So the other night, I watched it. Towards the end, it mentions her list titled What I Will Miss.

What I Will Miss

In the documentary it mentions the two lists she made at the end of her last book, I Remember Nothing. The two lists were titled, What I Will Miss; What I Won’t Miss.

I do remember reading the book and seeing those lists in it.

So this got me to thinking about my own lists. If I made similar lists, what would be on them? I came up with a few things.

Let’s start with a small sampling of what I will NOT miss:

  • Huntsville drivers, or traffic in general
  • Cantaloupe and cottage cheese
  • Waiting in lines
  • Wearing a bra
  • Shaving parts of my body
  • Extremely hot and humid weather
  • Allergies
  • The news and its elitist anchors and opinion pieces
  • People feuding
  • Ridiculous hashtags in the name of some sort of “social” justice
  • People who take themselves way too seriously
  • Attempted hugs from strangers

And now for some things I WILL miss and it’s not a comprehensive list:

  • Hiking with my kids
  • The Gent
  • Family and friends
  • Jack
  • Getting massages and my nails done
  • Cake
  • Traveling
  • Hot showers
  • Binge watching RomComs
  • Working out
  • Nora Ephron’s Linguine alla cecca
  • Blogging and podcasting
  • Coffee in bed
  • Oversized soft sweaters and leggings
  • Pumpkin spice
  • Old photos, and they can be anyones old photos
  • Planning in my planner
  • That feeling of achievement after doing something when you were afraid but doing it anyway.

Again, not an all-inclusive list but it’s a start. Also, if I took the time I could probably break these down and get some well thought out blog posts. Even pumpkin spice, I could probably compose something thoughtful on. It sounds like it could an area of responsibility for me. Someone must report on the pumpkin spice!

What would be on your lists?

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