Fitness and Health Journey

Let me tell you the full story of my fitness and health journey. I’ve blogged about some of it before but I have never given the full story.

It all started many years ago, like maybe 10 years ago? I tried to go back through Facebook to find out when it all started but that’s like trying to find your contact lense you lost in a swimming pool. Goodness.

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November is Blog Like Crazy

Guess what? November is Blog Like Crazy. I know I’ve been teasing threatening promising you I would start blogging again. And I want to, trust me, I do. I love blogging. I love my little blog here. The thing is, I’ve been so off the blogosphere it’s not even funny. I am so out of touch, out of tune, out of the zone for such a long time that I can’t figure out my way back to blogging. Until now.

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