On Washing My Hair

on washing my hairOn washing my hair… Who washes their hair every day? No, just me? How come I didn’t know this as a child, that you’re not supposed to wash your hair every day? Where was I on that day in school when they talked about that topic in general hygiene class; on washing my hair?

I am nearly 51-years old and I only recently found out that I am not supposed to wash my hair every single day. What? It was about two years ago when I started working retail in the cosmetics section of a department store when I discovered this information.

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Hello world!

CarolReMarks.com Carol MarksWhy yes, yes it is another blog. Don’t ask me why because I cannot give you an answer. It doesn’t matter now anyway, what is done is done. Let’s continue, move on.

When I posted on Facebook asking for a new blog title I received several cute and clever titles. But obviously, I went with Carol ReMarks. I loved it immediately.

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I Was Hit-On For The First Time

I was hit-on for the first time in my entire life. I am not talking about the mutual flirting in clubs back in my heyday. No, that to me is not being hit upon, that was mutual flirtation, that was lust and wanting; I am talking about when I was in my early 20s, unmarried, and in the Navy. You know, back in my “drinking” days.

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