Fun with Wigs

Fun with Wigs

Lately, I’ve been having a lot of fun with wigs. With my alopecia getting worse and worse, a friend suggested I might want to check out some wigs. But all I could think about was how cheap looking wigs used to look, you know, back in the day of my grandmother.

Fun with Wigs

Upon further investigation, I found that wigs have come a long way. I had no idea so many women were wearing wigs and hair pieces and toppers! I thought all that hair was real. Foolish me.

After having done some thorough research I finally purchased a few. I realized I can pull it off. Meaning, I feel comfortable enough in them to be out in public. They are fun but I still don’t think I have found “the one.”

FYI, there are a TON of wig videos on YouTube. A lot of women review wigs from different companies. Here are a few:

Tazs Wig Closet Denise Sheets and Brunette Wig Place and there are so many more.

And then I discovered toppers. I’ve decided I like them so much better because they are even more realistic due to the fact they can mix in with your real hair and, to me, more comfortable. I do not have a photo of me in a topper, yet. These photos you see here are all wigs.

All the fun you can have with different wigs. I have a new obsession.

Once I save up some money I am going to buy another topper, this time closer in color to my real natural hair color. I will probably end up selling the wigs I recently purchased. It’s easy to do thanks to Facebook groups. I belong to a couple of wig groups and you can buy/sell wigs there which is where I did buy one or two.

Thanks for reading.

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