Happy New Year

Welcome to 2012. Happy New Year. This is day one. How are you all feeling so far?

I didn’t stay up until midnight last night. I made it until 11PM, long enough to watch the NYC ball drop on television and that was good enough for me.

As I reflected on 2011 I realized I complained a lot. Hopefully this year I will not complain so much, I will make a positive effort. And I will try my best to be satisfied with what I already have and not want more.

This morning while browsing The Daily I ran across this little article, KILL THE EGO; A Dear Coquette column. It was funny and cute but also it was so very much true and hit a cord with me and everything that has been going on in my mind. The article addresses all of my New Year’s Resolutions in one. This, this is what I hopefully plan to put into action as I start the venture into 2012.

We’re all the same hodgepodge of primordial goo, and the pursuit of greatness is a fool’s errand.

I couldn’t think of a better article to have stumbled upon on January 1.

Read the full article, Dear Coquette – January 1, 2012 – from The Daily. Perfectly delicious!

My New Year’s Resolution: KILL THE EGO!

Pursue happiness instead.

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