I Love My Pillow

My Pillow

I love my pillow.  Okay, it’s The Gent’s pillow that I love. Well actually, it’s Mike’s MyPillow®.  I bought one for The Gent for Father’s Day this year. And let me tell you, it is no joke.

I Love My Pillow

You’ve seen the commercials, constantly. Mike is talking to a haggered looking couple through a magical medicine cabinet mirror and then goes in their bedroom to adjust their pillows. I know, kinda creepy but it worked. I eventualy broke down and purchased one.

I’ll be honest, I did it as a joke but let me tell you. I LOVE THAT DAMNED PILLOW.

On the days that The Gent has to get up before me, and as soon as he gets out of bed and before he can make it three feet to the bathroom I skoot over to the middle of the bed, grabbing his MyPillow® to steal it for myself.

Sometime, on the occasion I am awake before The Gent, I will lay in bed wishing the time away fast enough until his alarm goes off and wanting him to get up so I can take his MyPillow®.

I need to go ahead and get one for myself, ASAP.

Author: Carol Marks

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4 thoughts on “I Love My Pillow”

  1. Yes! We all have our own My Pillow in my family. We ordered ours online from their website, and I like how you can order according to your sleep pattern, size, etc. I have always enjoyed fluffing my regular pillows before bed, but this one is super. I really do go to sleep faster, and sleep better! This thing is no joke!

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