ReMarkables #2

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Remarkables #2 – Since it has been a while since I blogged with any kind of consistency, I thought my Remarkables series would be a great way to catch you all up in one post.

ReMarkables #2
  • My 24-year old daughter got engaged, wedding will be March 2020.
  • My 22-year old son moved to Arizona.
  • Received a Concept 2 rower as a Mother’s Day gift for the garage gym.
  • Signed up for a Warrior Dash but recently found out they rescheduled it for next year – was supposed to go down in Augut 2019.
  • About a month or so ago I went through my Facebook “friends” and unconnected/unfriended folks that 1) I had no idea who they were and 2) that I haven’t seen or talked to in a while or don’t see on a regular basis.
  • I am so excited because I have registered for a Bible study that will start in September – Bible Study Fellowship. I did this several years ago and enjoyed it.
  • Netflix series I have been into: Russian Doll, How to Get Away with Murder, Stranger Things, Happy Valley, Dead to Me. I am in need of more! Taking suggestions in the comment section.
  • I can’t remember if I told you or not but I left car sales back in May of 2018, for about 4-5 months? Then, in October of 2018, I went back. I really do like it, I think I finally found my groove-thing.
  • I am still working out in my garage gym on a consistent basis.

Well, I guess that’s it. I really haven’t done much have I? It’s okay though. It’s all good. Thanks for reading.

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One thought on “ReMarkables #2”

  1. I don’t know, that looks like a pretty full life to me! Congratulations on Gracie’s engagement. I had no idea Tyler moved that far away. That’s huge! I can’t believe your littles have gotten so big. I’m so glad you enjoy the car sales and have finally found your groove. Random thought that just entered my head: I miss your daily cute shoe photos. I can’t wear cute shoes so my feet were living vicariously through you. 🙂

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