Slapdash Blog Post

Well, here it is December and I still don’t have the appetite to blog much of anything. I mean it comes and goes but when I have time to actually sit down to write something, the feeling leaves quickly. So here is a slapdash blog post; crap put together that makes no sense and has no rhyme or reason. This is what has been happening in Moxie Beautiful’s world.

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Between Christmas and New Year

This is always the time of the year when I feel a little sad and depressed, unmotivated. It’s probably because the excitement and hoopla leading up to Christmas is suddenly done and over with while I begin to reflect on the past year and set my field of vision on the future of the New Year. Doing self audits is depressing.

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O’ Christmas Tree!

We would not have a Christmas tree this year if it were not for my daughter putting it up this week. With my new job and schedule, I was dreading trying to find time to decorate the house for Christmas. So I am very grateful to my daughter for taking up the task for me this holiday season.

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Tree Day

We put our Christmas tree up today. I wanted to do this while The Manchild was here on his Thanksgiving break and today was the only day we could do it. I have to take him back to school tomorrow.

And After

It was fun and The Kids did all the heavy lifting. I also went to Pier 1 and bought some new place mats and napkins for the holiday. I can use the place mats and napkins all year, the red snowflakes are only overlays. See pictures below.

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