Cleaning Up Facebook

Facebook, anymore, has become nothing but a cesspool. So I’ve taken to cleaning up Facebook; mainly my personal account. I unfollowed and unfriended people that I had no clue who they were or that I lost touch with or that I may have met one time at a networking event. I’m cleaning up Facebook; my personal account.

Cleaning Up Facebook

If it wasn’t for a few groups that I belong in and one in particular, that I recently created and want to maintain, I’d delete it all. Or deactivate my personal account.

At any rate, I am going to continue posting to my Moxie Beautiful PAGE and my recently created Moxie Beautiful GRITGYM group. If you want to find me on Facebook, look for me at those two places.

I was going to create a blog post with a long diatribe on why I am limiting Facebook but I am not even going to explain or justify my actions. I don’t need to.

You can also find me on Instagram and Twitter.

Shedding Like a St Bernard in the Alabama Summertime

thoughtbubbleBWSo I was on Facebook the other day. Oh who am I kidding, I am on Facebook every damned day.

Anyway, I follow Elizabeth Gilbert on Facebook and she posted something yesterday that really spoke to me. I re-shared it on my page with an intro that read something like this, “Love, love, love this! I need to start shedding like a St Bernard in the Alabama summertime.”

Here is Elizabeth’s status update, from yesterday, in its entirety, that I re-shared:


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I’m Out

For the last few months or so I have dabbled with the idea of leaving social media all together. Well, at least the Facebook portion of social media anyway. It has turned into nothing but a cesspool of high anxiety self-absorbed egotistical maniacs with an opinion on everything under the sun and who try to pass themselves off as some sort of expert along the way. Each and every one of them wanting to be louder than the next.

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