Group Conversations

Have you ever watched Hannity when he as Frank Luntz on and they do those focus groups on-air? It drives me insane. Don’t get me wrong, I like Hannity, he’s okay – I can take him or leave him. And Frank Luntz seems to be a good guy; he’s just doing his job. But when they have those focus groups on the show and everyone is talking at once, only able to give small snippets at a time, it makes me all jittery and anxious. My heart rate actually goes up but not because of any of the subject matter. It’s because it’s like a workout to follow all the conversations and people talking over each other.

It also doesn’t give me information about each individual. All I see is a group of people on television throwing out pieces of information. So I guess, since it is on television and I have never met any of these people face-to-face and probably never will, it really shouldn’t matter.

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Oy, Another New Direction

So I had coffee with a new friend today. We’ve actually had coffee and lunch and dinner before. She’s fairly new to the area and she is part of a larger group of bloggers here in town. There is something about her that I like. Have you ever met a person and you just sort of click with them, even if you know you have some differences of opinions or ideas but yet you know you can learn from one another?

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It’s A Festivus For The Rest Of Us!

So, every year for the last six or seven years, my crazy friends Michele and Greg host a Festivus party, you know, for the rest of us! She has a Festivus pole and everything. We play dirty Santa, eat good comfort food, and get to catch up with friends we haven’t seen in a long time.

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My Liberal Friends

Yes, yes, the election is over. Thank goodness. I was not happy with the outcome. In fact, I was quite stunned if you want to know the truth. But I’m over it. I’ve been over it. But for the last two days I’ve been trying to come up with a topic for the writing prompt that Writeous Babe has up over at her website. These writing prompts were for the November #bloglikecrazy and I didn’t participate in the writing prompts because I chose to do daily gratitude posts instead. ::eyeroll:: Whatever.

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