My Take On Adoption

What I am about to share with you has nothing to do with politics. It is simply my experience. In light of the story about Auburn University’s 2013 Homecoming Queen, Molly Anne Dutton, it has me reflecting on my own life.

No, I haven’t experienced abortion or adoption directly. What I mean is that I have not been put in that position to make a decision for either one. Thankfully. But I do know people who have had to make that decision.

I’ve asked permission to blog about this because it is a story about my husband, The Gent. There really isn’t much to tell, not really. The story is simple. He was given up for adoption. In fact, he was handed over to Catholic Charities, as a newborn.

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Last Day

I’m gonna tell you what God loves; that’s the truth! I am so grateful for November 30th, the last day in November and therefore my last “gratitude” blog entry.

Ya’ll, it’s been tough trying to come up with something new that I was grateful for every day and then trying to make it a blog entry. I felt like I cheated most days with just a quickie-less-than-250-word entry with no description or story to go with it.

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Two Posts In One

It’s still November and I’m still blogging daily for things for which I am grateful. I didn’t post yesterday because I was on the road most of the day taking The Manchild back to school. So this post is a two-fer.

For yesterday, I was grateful for mild traffic and no incidences on the road taking my son back to school. I hated that his holiday break was over but we had a good one while he was here. I am grateful.

Today I am grateful for Monday. I know, right. As much as I liked being off for four days from the office, it was sort of nice getting back into my daily routine. Apparently I am a person who needs structure and routine. Left to my own devices my world would be one big ole pot of goofy. So I am grateful for structure and routine, I guess. Yes, I am still reluctant to admit to what is good for me is good for me.

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