The Sweater Vest

I’ve been hearing a lot of trash talk about sweater vests lately. I reckon it’s because of Rick Santorum’s persistent wearing of the garment. However, if you Google “history of the sweater vest” you will also find Jim Tressel’s name coming up quite often. Is the sweater vest making a resurgence?

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Competition Christmas

Okay, what is going on here? The Gent takes an extra day off for a doctor’s appointment and then the next thing I know I have gifts under the tree. I didn’t know he went out and did all of this? The green ones that are stacked in the photo? Yeah, those are mine.

Great. I wasn’t expecting all of that for heaven’s sake. Now I have to go out and buy him more. Heh. Not really, I know I don’t and this is not the point of Christmas anyway, so please, do not send me your emails with what Christmas really means. I know. I’m just goofing off on my blog.

So, you know, now I have to go out and buy The Gent 11 more gifts because right now he only has one gift from me under the tree. Because I have to make it even in the competitiveness of Christmas. Heh.