• Moxie Shorts 47

    Moxie Shorts 47

    Moxie Shorts 47 – another week, another installment of Moxie Shorts. My life in bullet points for the week. Stuff that I probably won’t blog about separately but still wanted to share with you all. I guess. Hey, it’s content. Moxie Shorts 47 I’ve been seeing a chiropractor. Tried out a new planner, didn’t last a week. Went back to my Plum Paper planner that I have been using since January. I think I have found a keeper this time, for real. Paid off a bill. Attending one of my niece’s wedding this coming Saturday in Decatur. Have been taking extra time in the morning to pray/meditate. I really missed…

  • Moxie Shorts 46, Moxie Beautiful

    Moxie Shorts 46

    Well, here I am again with Moxie Shorts, installment #46. Moxie Shorts = short snippets from my life or my life in bullet points. This is what has been happening that wasn’t blog worthy so to speak. Moxie Shorts 46 Started a new journal/planner – SmartLife Journal. Maybe I’ll blog about it later. My lower back has been getting better, been going to a chiropractor. Our new mattress may have helped too. Now I am taking a rest day; on Tuesdays from working out and doing a lightweight WOD on Thursdays so I can let my body recover. I don’t like it but it is helping. I am glued to…