On Washing My Hair

on washing my hairOn washing my hair… Who washes their hair every day? No, just me? How come I didn’t know this as a child, that you’re not supposed to wash your hair every day? Where was I on that day in school when they talked about that topic in general hygiene class; on washing my hair?

I am nearly 51-years old and I only recently found out that I am not supposed to wash my hair every single day. What? It was about two years ago when I started working retail in the cosmetics section of a department store when I discovered this information.

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Moxie Column Cheating

Moxie Column Cheating, this week on The Moxie Column I want to talk about this whole Governor Bentley cheating scandal. Well, not so much about Governor Bentley himself but about what constitutes as “cheating” in a relationship.

I also have to hearken back to the good ole days of Bill Clinton too when he tried to wriggle his way out of confessing to an affair by asking what exactly “is” is.

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Bullying Will Be The New Racism


Every week, on Monday, I hope to have a Question of the Week. I’d like for everyone to participate in either 1.) commenting and/or 2.) answering the question on their own blog or Facebook page and linking back to me.

I’m sure by now you’ve heard of the angry parent who filed a bullying complaint on one Texas football team because they beat the snot out of them at 91 to 0 (zero). Was it ridiculous that the football team ran up the score like that? Probably. But was it bullying? I don’t think so.

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