I Was Hit-On For The First Time

I was hit-on for the first time in my entire life. I am not talking about the mutual flirting in clubs back in my heyday. No, that to me is not being hit upon, that was mutual flirtation, that was lust and wanting; I am talking about when I was in my early 20s, unmarried, and in the Navy. You know, back in my “drinking” days.

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The Hipster Doofus

thoughtbubbleBWaYou know who I am talking about. More than likely, you know a few of them. They’ve become so mainstream now that they’ve lost their status of trying to be clever. I have to just roll my eyes at these people anymore.

The internet is a breeding ground for the hipster doofus. You know they are sitting around their little apartment for hours on end trying way too hard to think about what to put up on their status update or some asinine reply/comment on Facebook.

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Truth and Consequences

blogpostimageDo you know the kind of people who can dish it out all day long but as soon as you start to give it back to them they get all sensitive and touchy? Yeah? I know them too. It seems I am running into them more and more.

Recently, I spoke bluntly in response to someone’s question. I did not mean it in any sort of malice and I was not intending to be harmful. I was simply speaking straight forward and in plain terms.

In other words, I did not sugar coat my response like most good southerners would do.

Basically, I told my truth in the matter, how I felt about how I saw the situation, outright without adding any fluff to the conversation. Let me see if I can give you an example:

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