Recording My CrossFit WOD

I have GOT to start recording/writing down my CrossFit WODs again. I used to do it diligently but for whatever reason I stopped writing them down. Now, looking ahead at this week’s schedule and the daily WODs, I am upset that I did not write down last week’s WODs. Grrrrr.

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A New Personal Record in CrossFit

Listen, every day that I go to CrossFit is a new personal record, trust me. Ha! But, this morning was a little different. I have done Overhead Squats (OHS) before and I remember the last time I did a 1RM of a OHS was at 70# or 75#. So, this morning when we actually worked for 15 minutes on finding a 1RM of an OHS I knew I wanted to try for a new PR – on purpose!

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