Why Women Wear Makeup

Recently, on Twitter, I typed out a Tweet about someone complimenting my makeup and said that it made my day. To which a follower replied with this…..

And then a conversation began that included several different people. This got me to thinking, why DO women wear makeup. Why do I wear makeup?

My husband tells me all the time that I don’t need it. I never believe him when he tells me this and personally, I think that when men in general talk about women not needing to wear makeup; it is a line of crap.

But let us set aside my opinion for a minute. After reading the Twitter feed, which by the way was a civil and insightful discussion, I decided to poll some girlfriends about why they wear makeup. I asked some of the women I work with, keep in mind they all work at a makeup counter, in retail.

Why Women Wear Makeup

Their first and foremost response was, “Because it’s my job.” Well, okay, yeah, I get that but why do you personally wear it, do you like to wear it, and do you wear it when you are not at work?

Of course, they do and, here is their variety of answers:

It boosts my confidence.
For the artistry of it.
To enhance certain features.
To even out skin tone.
To cover blemishes.
It is fun.

I am sure there are more answers. I only asked about 5 different women but none of them said because they thought it made their face prettier.

Maybe some women do wear makeup because it makes them feel pretty or prettier. I know I wear it because I think I look better with makeup but I have gone out in public without it too.

For me, lately, it’s been about experimenting with certain looks and practicing the artistry of it all.

I recently purchased a new gel eyeliner. I have never worn gel eyeliner before but I have been wanting to try it. So I bought some at Target the other day, Rimmel London Gel Eyeliner. It came with a brush too. The brand is affordable.

And guess what? I love it! How come I have never tried gel eyeliner before? Because I have been scared of it. I figured I’d have it all over my lash line, all jagged and uneven, like a 4-year old applied it. Ha! But then I figured I would never learn how to apply it if I didn’t try it and practice.

makeup Rimmel gen eyeliner

Mainly, I think women wear makeup for other women. And for the artistry and fun of it. It gives us something to talk about with each other. It bonds us as women. We love to share knowledge and hacks about makeup with one another. We do like to share our secrets and tips and tricks and fabulous finds. It brings us together as friends, women, girlfriends, and we can always relate to each other with makeup. That is what I mean when I say we wear it for other women.

It is a coterie of makeup junkies! Just like I have an addiction to office supplies; it is the same thing with makeup.

I am sure there are other answers out there, so let’s continue the discussion. Why do you wear makeup?

Men wear makeup too and I’d like to know why they wear it, I wonder if it is for the same reasons?

Ciao mio Amore,

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Are there other authors out there who created fake Twitter accounts for their characters? Or am I just crazy in thinking about this idea? Surely, I am not alone or the first who wants to do this? Wouldn’t it be a great way to promote the book? I’d just have to be careful and not get obsessed with the tweets and let it take me away from my writing.

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