Journaling Evening Pages

A while ago, I used to write Morning Pages. It is a writing exercise created by Julia Cameron in The Artist’s Way. I used to get up at 0400 and write them before going off to workout. I always felt better when I did Morning Pages. It was free-flow writing and unloading all of my useless thoughts onto the paper to leave them there before facing my day.

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I Think I Have A Problem

My name is Carol and I am a caffeine addict. Oh, I’m also a journal addict.

This little tiny cup of heaven was taken this morning when I had an early morning meeting at Atlanta Bread Company; $2.50 worth of a double shot espresso. Yum! And yes, it was delicious. I thought the image I took was quite striking so I am sharing it here.

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Dear Love Bunnies – Here’s The Deal

Hold on, wait a minute, let me grab a large cup of coffee because this may take a while….

Let me start by saying that nothing is wrong. There has been no tragic upheaval or anything like that for me, thank GOD! I’ve just been busy, with real life stuff. It’s kind of cool actually.

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Building Blocks to Your Writing Success by Kathryn C. Lang

Kathryn C. Lang is a writer. She’s also a friend of mine whom I met via the Rocket City Bloggers group of which I am a member. I am not sure exactly how we became aware of each other, except in the Rocket City Bloggers group. My guess is that she was seeking out ways to help promote her writing career and blogging is a great way to do just that, for any entrepreneur. Continue reading “Building Blocks to Your Writing Success by Kathryn C. Lang”