The Unglamorous Grind

The unglamorous grind. What you don’t see on most Instagram or YouTube channels is the unglamorous every day grind.

So allow me to share with you today’s workout from my cold garage early this morning. It is nothing glamorous and nothing special.

Simple and basic work out which is pretty much what you’re going to see in my garage gym on most days.

Sure it’s nice to post personal records and amazing lifts and/or squats. But I wanted to be realistic and show you what really happens.

Also, the video you’re about to see is unedited. Meaning I did not stop, pause, cut, split, or anything like that on the video. It is a straight up boring video.

If the video does not load it is because I am blogging on my cell phone. I will embed the YouTube video later. You can also go over to my YouTube channel to view it.  Carol ReMarks YouTube


Author: Carol Marks

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