5 Beauty Products I Am Loving

five beauty products

5 Beauty Products I am loving right now. Here are some beauty products I have been loving right now. Some are new to me and some I’ve been using a while.

5 Beauty Products I Am Loving

Revolution Conceal & Define Foundation. This is new to me and I recently purchased it. It was recommended by a coworker. At $12.00 a bottle, why not try it? Full coverage, lightweight, and buildable. Comes in 50 shades. Bought mine at Ulta.

RipFix. I’ve been using this product for a little while now. I use it to keep my cuticles soft. And if I have any scrapes or open cuts on my hands, it helps heal them quickly.

Doc Spartan Badass Chick Face Scrub. LOVE this face scrub. Also, it is made in my hometown of Portsmouth, Ohio. I use it maybe twice a week. It is a scrub so it is obviously good for exfoliation, however, it leaves your face soft and supple as well. It does NOT dry out your skin like most scrubs.

Vice Lip Chemistry by Urban Decay. This is new to me, I purchased it when I purchased the foundation. It is a high-gloss lip tint. I bought mine in the shade called Low Key. It is supposed to react to your pH to give you your own unique shade. Definitely hydrating and not sticky or drying for being a tint. Nice. At Ulta.

Total Temptation Mascara by Maybelline. Why is finding a good mascara so difficult? I like Chanel and Dior but damn, I can’t keep affording those high-end mascaras on a regular basis. So Maybelline Total Temptation to the rescue. It has a nice fat brush but the bristles are separated enough so you can get full coating on all lashes. And the best part is that it does NOT make my eyes water. $6.00 at Target.

What beauty products are you loving right now?

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